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Phone support

Do you need assistance to place an order on the website? We would be delighted to guide you in your purchase process. However, your banking data is precious and strictly private! As a result you can finalise your order yourself, with the help of one of our advisers over the phone if needed.

Dial +331 58 16 27 92

Modify an order

Unfortunately it is not possible to modify an order once it is paid and confirmed.

Delivery method and fees

You would like to place an order and you would like to know about our delivery methods and the associated delivery fees? Please read our Delivery page.

Order lenses that are adapted to your prescription

Would you like to order lenses that are adapted to your eyesight? As we aren't opticians, we are not authorised to deliver lenses that are adapted to everyone's eyesight. You can however mount lenses adapted to your eyesight on our frames. An optician can do this, even if some may refuse.

Order a frame on its own with no lenses

Our glasses our unique and as such, each pair is delivered having already been completely assembled. It is therefore not possible to order the frames alone. However, it is possible to remove the lenses of our frames. An optician can do this, even if some may refuse.In addition, by removing the lenses from our frames, you will loose the IZIPIZI guarantee as there will have been an alteration to the initial product.

Order replacement parts

You want to obtain replacement parts for your glasses? Unfortunately, each pair being as unique as you, and already fully assembled, we do not provide replacement parts.

However, no need to worry! Our customer service team is always available to find solutions to help you and ensure your customer satisfaction, don't hesitate to contact them.

Finding an IZIPIZI store or my nearest seller

Find all our IZIPIZI stores on the page Our Stores.

But you can use our store locator to find local sellers in any city in the world! You can even give them a call to check they have the model you are looking for. And we deliver anywhere in the world, so, alternatively, you can order your glasses online from our website.


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