Where are IZIPIZI glasses manufactured?

Creating a pair of glasses involves two processes, design and manufacturing. At IZIPIZI, all of our models are designed in Paris. For production, we use carefully chosen service providers who are experts in their field. To join our team, they must adhere to very strict quality criteria.

The majority of our glasses are manufactured by a family-owned business in Taiwan, an island renowned for its expertise in spectacle manufacturing. We have been working hand-in-hand together since 2012, because when we like something, we stick with it! Why this particular company? Simply because we have built up a relationship of trust and have the same strict requirements when it comes to quality. A passionate specialist for 40 years, they know what they are doing and we like it!

For our Baby and Kids glasses, we work with a manufacturer who specializes in children’s glasses to ensure we meet the international standards specific to young children. The materials used for kids glasses are different from adult models. They are more flexible and hardier, and respect a very specific set of specifications, including the standard EN71. This standard relates to the health and safety of children’s toys and accessories, and protects young children, who often have a habit of putting things in their mouths! The materials used are non-allergenic and Bisphenol A-free. Additional tests are also carried out on children’s frames to make them as safe as possible. This means that our manufacturing processes are highly regulated. For this reason, we work with a qualified partner to help us produce high-quality products. For this process, we have chosen a Chinese business with a well-developed R&D department and over 20 years of experience in the world of spectacle manufacturing.

What are IZIPIZI glasses made from?

IZIPIZI glasses are always made from carefully chosen materials! Every material is selected for a good reason. The proof?

  • For most products: frames and lenses are made from polycarbonate, a very robust, transparent material, chosen to ensure a lightweight, long-lasting and flexible product for maximum comfort.
  • For the Baby and Kids range: frames are made from TPE-E, an even more flexible material than polycarbonate, chosen to ensure they stay strong and are adapted to children’s daily lives. Guaranteed to be free of harmful chemical products like Bisphenol A, our frames are manufactured according to the standard EN71 for children’s toys and accessories. Good news for parents, who know all too well how much young kids love putting things in their mouths!

Did you know? We talk about glasses, but, despite what you might think, glasses are rarely made from glass, they are normally actually made from... polycarbonate. This is why most spectacle manufacturers offer polycarbonate lenses. At IZIPIZI, both our frames and lenses are made from polycarbonate, which makes sourcing more efficient, whilst ensuring identical optical properties.

Eyewear made with a biobased material:

To take our eco-responsible approach a step further, we have been working since the end of 2018 on models made of biobased materials that offer the same benefits, while remaining accessible. Our desire is to reduce our carbon footprint and limit the use of non-renewable resources as much as possible.
In 2021, we will launch our first glasses with a biosourced frame, the SLIM by IZIPIZI Studio. This frame is 45% derived from an element found in nature: castor oil.


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