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Blue Light Glasses for Kids

At their young age, our kids are especially susceptible to the effects of blue light, which has been associated with sleep disorders, vision impairment, as well as developmental and cognitive deficits. Kids’ blue light glasses, such as the ones made by IZIPIZI, are a great solution to this problem. Our glasses feature a blue light blocking lens that effectively blocks out 40% of all incoming blue light.

Do blue light glasses for kids actually work?

Blue light glasses today include unique lens technologies to help protect against blue light from electronic devices and our environment. Most blue light protective lenses are tinted amber and layered with an anti-reflective coating to cut down on glare, but won’t affect how children perceive natural colors. Reducing the amount of incoming blue light is highly beneficial for your kids. In addition to relieving headaches and reducing eye strain, it will also let them maintain a synchronized circadian rhythm (so they’ll sleep better at night). Sleeping better plays a huge part in your child’s growth – it keeps them alert, improves their memory, and boosts their mood.

Discover The Best Blue Light Glasses For Your Kids

Consider investing in a pair of high-quality blue light glasses for kids, especially if your child exhibits symptoms like headaches or eye fatigue after staring at a screen for too long. Browse our vibrant line of junior screen blue light glasses for kids. Enjoy style that effortlessly combines fashion and function. With key features like 40% blue light prevention, durable frame materials and enhanced scratch resistance lenses, your child will be protected for a long time to come. Buying for someone with a prescription? We have prescription blue light glasses available to complement or replace existing ones. Our kids’ blue light glasses also come in a wide variety of frames and styles, so there’s sure to be something for every kid. Get yours today.