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Article 1

IZIPIZI, a French simplified joint-stock company capital of 50,000 euro registered in the Trade and Companies of Paris under SIREN number 524 478 138, the headquarters for which is located at 19 rue de Calais 75009 Paris (hereinafter the “Organizer”), will hold a purchase-necessary competition entitled “NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION” (hereinafter the “Competition”) from 1st March to 31st December 2021 included, Paris time.

The competition is open to any person of legal age residing in countries eligible for delivery from Izipizi, excluding staff members of the Organizing company or members of any affiliated companies. Every member of a single household is permitted to take part in the Competition, with a maximum of one entry per person. Each participant can win only one prize lot.

Participation in the Competition implies the participant’s full agreement to the present rules and the principles of the Competition. Any person breaching one or more of the articles in the present rules will be excluded from participating in the Competition and from winning any prize lots.

Article 2

Presentation and participation in the Competition:

The competition will be held from 1st March to 31st December 2021 included, Paris time, on the website izipizi.com. The Organizer reserves the right to postpone, amend, cancel or repeat the Competition should circumstances so require. It can in no circumstances be held liable in this regard.

To participate in the Competition and try to win the allotted prize, in addition to the conditions set out in Article 1 above, every participant must respect the following conditions of participation:
- Visit the website
- Read and agree in full to the rules,
- Subscribe to IZIPIZI newsletter,

At the end of the competition, one winner will be drawn at random. Winners will be emailed (to the address provided by the Participant when subscribing to the newsletter on the izipizi.com website) a non-nominative £100 gift card, valid for 6 months on the website izipizi.com.

Participants will inform the Organizing company of any changes to their personal details by contacting Service Client IZIPIZI, 19 Rue de Calais - 75009 Paris or by phoning +33 (0)1 58 16 27 92 and/or emailing contact@izipizi.com.

Article 3

It is possible to view and print the full competition rules on the website izipizi.com.

It is also possible to request a full copy of the competition rules by writing to Service Client IZIPIZI, 19 rue de Calais – 75009 PARIS before 31/05/2021.

Postage fees associated with requests for rules will be reimbursed based on the standard price of a “lettre vettre”, currently 0.58 euros, if bank details are sent with the request before 30th January 2022. Reimbursements can only be made by bank transfer. If no bank details are sent with the request, a “lettre verte” stamp will be sent.
Only one reimbursement per household (same address, same name).

Article 4

IZIPIZI is offering the chance to win the following prizes:
- Drawn at random: a non-nominative £100 gift card, valid for 6 months on the website

Article 5

Winners may not claim any exchanges or cash compensation or compensation of any nature whatsoever.

Article 6

Before receiving their prize lot, the winner must meet the conditions set out in the present rules and provide proof of identity.

Article 7

After verification of their compliance with the rules for participation and the conditions for awarding the prize in question, winners will receive their prize by email. Winners will be contacted by email by the E-commerce team responsible for the IZIPIZI website via the email address e.repper@izipizi.com within 15 days of the end of the competition.

If the email address is incorrect or does not correspond to that of the winner, or if for any other reason linked to technical issues this notification email cannot be sent, the Organizer may in no case be held liable. Equally, it is not the Organizer’s responsibility to find contact details for winners that cannot be contacted due to an invalid or illegible email address or an incorrect postal address.

Winners who cannot be contacted or who do not respond within 7 days will not be able to claim any prize lot, damages or compensation of any nature whatsoever. The prize lots allocated are personal and non-transferable. Additionally, prize lots may in no event be subject to any claims of any nature from winners, nor any exchange or any other compensation of any nature whatsoever.

Article 8

Connection fees shall be reimbursed by cheque exclusively in euros, upon simple request made by any participant in accordance with the conditions set out below, as well as the postal fees associated with this request.

This request must be made on a separate sheet of paper to enable verification of surnames, first names, personal postal addresses and the connection date(s) and time(s) during which the information was mentioned on the IZIPIZI site.

This request must be sent by post at the latest in the three days following the end of the competition, as postmarked, to the following address: Service Client IZIPIZI, 19 rue de Calais – 75009 PARIS or by phoning +33 (0)1 58 16 27 92 and/or by email to the following email address: contact@izipizi.com.

Any such reimbursement may, by definition, only be made if there has been genuine disbursement from the entrant, at the risk of prosecution for fraud.
The Organizing company reserves the right to carry out all checks it deems useful and to request any supporting documents as proof, and, where applicable, to launch legal proceedings.

Connection fees for this request will be reimbursed within 30 days of receipt of the request in the following ways:

The reimbursement rate is fixed at 0.61 euros, based on a connection time largely sufficient for detailing the information requested at the maximum rate in force.

A single reimbursement request for connection fees per participant (same name, same postal and email address) will be accepted for the duration of the competition.

Article 9

The data collected for participation in the competition will be subject to computer processing by the Organizing company.
In accordance with the French Data Protection Act (“Loi Informatique et Libertés”) of 6 January 1978, amended by the Law of 6 August 2004, every participant has a right to access and a right to provide additional information and to rectify their personal data and, where applicable, to oppose the processing of their data, as well as its transmission to third parties and its removal, which can be made to Service Client IZIPIZI, 19 rue de Calais – 75009 PARIS or by phoning +33 (0)1 58 16 27 92 and/or by email to the following address:

The personal data collected and processed as part of the competition are the surnames, first names, postal addresses and email addresses of participants. 

The personal data of participants in the competition are collected and processed solely with the purpose of ensuring the organization and smooth running of the competition and, in particular, for the award of prizes.

The personal data collected by the Organizing company during participation in the competition are stored and archived only for the length of time necessary for ensuring the smooth running of the competition.

 For the Organizer of the Competition and for the sole purposes of contacting Winners, the Organizing company will have access to the personal contact details of Participants, Winners and Beneficiaries. In accordance with its privacy policy, https://global.izipizi.com/en/content/14-privacy-policy-personal-data, the organizing company will be able to share the personal data of any participant with legal authorities in order to respond to an injunction or any other request from the aforementioned authorities.

Article 10

The Organizing company will have sole jurisdiction for the settlement of any disputes arising in relation to application of the present rules.

Article 11

Participation in the competition implies knowledge of and agreement to the characteristics and limitations of the internet, notably in terms of technical performance, response times for viewing, analysing and transferring information, interruption risks, and, more generally, the risks inherent to any connection or transmission online, the absence of protection of certain data from any misuse and the risks of infection from any virus potentially circulating on the network.
Consequently, the Organizing company may in no circumstances be held liable for, inter alia:
- the content of services consulted on the website and, more generally, any information and/or data published on the services consulted on the website,
- the transmission and/or reception of any data and/or information on the internet,
- any malfunctions of the internet network preventing the proper functioning of the competition,
- faults in any reception equipment or communication lines,
- loss of any postal or electronic communications or, more generally, any loss of data,
- delivery problems,
- the functioning of any software,
- the consequences of any virus, computer error, anomaly or technical fault,
- any damage caused to an entrant’s computer,
- any technical, equipment or software faults of any nature preventing or restricting the ability to participate in the competition or which have damaged the entrant’s system.

It is hereby stipulated that the Organizing company may not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from interruption or malfunctions of any nature, for suspension or termination of the competition, for any reason whatsoever, or for any direct or indirect damages resulting in any way from connection to the Site. It is the participant’s responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect their data and/or software stored on their computer equipment from any attacks. Participants are wholly responsible for any connection to the IZIPIZI Facebook page and participation in the competition.

In general, the Organizing company may not be held liable for any case of force majeure or any circumstances outside their control.

The Organizing company reserves the right, in all events, to change any dates and/or times announced, with immediate effect from publication of the announcement of this information on the page online.

Any additional clauses published during the competition through an online announcement or email shall be considered as additional clauses to the rules.

Article 12

The Organizing company may not be held liable in the event that, due to a case of force majeure or circumstances outside its control, the competition has to be changed, shortened or cancelled. In the event of disputes or disagreements, the Organizing company will have the deciding say. It will not be possible to appeal any decision made by the latter.
It reserves the right in all events to extend the period of participation and to postpone any date announced.
The Organizing company reserves the right to prosecute any person suspected of fraud or attempted fraud. It may in no event be held liable for any repercussions on participants of any fraud committed.

Article 13

The simple fact of participating in the competition implies the participant’s agreement to all of the present rules. Any complaints should be made in writing to the head office of the Organizing company at Service Client IZIPIZI, 19 rue de Calais – 75009 PARIS or by phone to +33 (0)1 58 16 27 92 and/or by email to the following address: contact@izipizi.com within 8 calendar days. No complaints can be accepted after this period of time.

Article 14

The present rules are governed exclusively by French law.

Created in Paris on 18/03/2021

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