Our commitments

We are a strong and united team eager to move forward collectively into a better world. For 10 years, we have been designing accessible and colourful glasses, for everyone and for every moment of people's lives.

At our own scale, we are fully committed to improve our organization, reduce our environmental impact, optimize the quality of our materials, reinforce our social actions, while maintaining our accessibility that made us so unique.

We are on the right path, aiming to evolve with you, in total transparency and always with a smile.



As this is a key issue we think about every day, we have set a clear and precise objective to be achieved within the next 3 years:

halving the carbon footprint of our glasses

To meet this challenge, we began by learning from our Carbon Audit, to identify specific areas in which we can take action to improve the environmental impact of our business:

Adopting more environmentally friendly transport methods, reinventing our sales methods and helping our partners reduce their carbon footprint are just some of the levers we can use to reach this objective.

These actions are part of our long-term vision, acting today to change tomorrow. 
We are well on our way! 

Find out how we plan on achieving this large-scale environmental task below:


 What exactly is a Carbon Audit?

What exactly is a Carbon Audit?

A Carbon Audit involves assessing the direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by a business as part of its yearly activities. 

GHG emissions are measured in CO2 (carbon dioxide) and are classified in three major categories:

Scope 1: direct emissions

Scope 2: indirect emissions linked to use of electricity, heat, etc.

Scope 3: other indirect emissions linked to materials purchased to manufacture glasses, transport, packaging, employee transport, etc.

Why complete a Carbon Audit?

At IZIPIZI, we believe that creating glasses that protect our eyes and allow us to see clearly is a good thing... but that doing that whilst caring for the planet is even better! 

To identify our major sources of GHG emissions and implement levers to reduce these emissions, we needed to carry out an inventory of our activity.

And that’s what we’ve done with the Carbon Audit completed by UTOPIES. 

Founded in 1993 by Elisabeth Laville, UTOPIES is the first independent agency and think tank in France (and the world!) focused on supporting businesses and brands who have made sustainable development a cornerstone of their strategy. 

We needed their help to pinpoint our weakness, in order to make improvements. On the programme: a full Carbon Audit, analysing all scopes linked to our business.


Why complete a Carbon Audit?

Where are we today?

Our business’ carbon footprint for 2019, applyed to a pair of glasses gives an equivalent of 2.03 kg of CO2eq* per pair

Not sure what that figure means? By way of comparison: 

Source: Base Carbone 

They might be difficult to believe, but these figures are accurate. If you are a fan of figures, a fervent defender of the environment or simply curious and want to get a more detailed look at our Carbon Audit, then, good news, you can view it here.

*This figure is calculated based on all CO 2e emissions (including emissions linked to the head office and stores) correlated with the number of glasses produced.

What are our future targets?

Our Carbon Audit has enabled us to identify our major sources of CO2eq emissions. It’s a great starting point for determining where we can improve and beginning our transformation.

Our aim is to halve our carbon emissions per pair of glasses within the next three years 

The action plan to achieve this involves revising our upstream transport methods*, focusing more on rail and sea transport, changing our sales methods and involving our partners in the adventure.

And, to monitor our greenhouse gas emissions in real time, we use a tracking tool from Hello Carbo. This will allow us to keep an eye on our environmental impact on a day-to-day basis. It’s a great way to steer our business in full knowledge of all the facts!

*between our product manufacturing sites and storage facilities

What are our future targets?


Facts that speak for themselves

Facts that speak for themselves

According to the Carbon Audit completed by UTOPIES: “upstream transport* is
our fourth largest source of GHG emissions and represents 17% of the overall total. Air transport is responsible for a considerable part of these emissions.
For transport between factories and our Troyes depot, although 93% of our glasses are transported by boat, this represents only 13% of CO
2e emissions, whereas air transport represents just 7% of shipments but generates 84% of emissions.
Road transport between the ports and airports where products arrive and storage facilities represents just 3% of emissions.”


The facts speak for themselves: to reduce our carbon footprint, we need to stop using air transport. 
That’s easier said than done, however...

*between our product manufacturing sites and storage facilities

Our action plans

We have made a genuine effort to improve our environmental
performance and have made major changes. 

By better anticipating product developments, revising our forecasting methods, and
brainstorming all available options for upstream transport*... 

Between 2017 and 2020, we successfully moved from 47%
air supply to 5% for our classic collections.

That’s the equivalent of 950 tons less carbon emissions in 2020!


It’s a great start, but we don’t want to stop there when it’s all going so well! 

Our objective for the end of 2021: 0% air transport for our classic collections. 

 *between our product manufacturing sites and storage facilities 

Our action plans
Regionalizing our transport

Regionalizing our transport

In order to further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions,
there are actions we can take linked to the production and
storage facilities used for our glasses. 

Our objective: to reduce the distance our products travel and avoid unnecessary journeys. 

Today our glasses are sold throughout the world, produced in Asia and stored in France. 

By the end of 2021, we aim to have opened a new storage depot in Asia to supply our markets
in Asia and outside Europe, in addition to our historic depot in France. In the long term,
this new depot will enable us to reduce upstream transport distances* (17% of emissions),
as well as downstream transport** (21% of emissions).

*between factories and storage facilities

**between storage facilities and our customers

Our long-term vision

With all change come new challenges. At IZIPIZI,
it is not possible to shorten the development process for our
seasonal collections (approximately 14% of our production),
which means that we are currently still obliged to use air transport. 

We haven’t given up, however, and are actively working on finding an alternative.
This is a large-scale organizational and internal challenge that we would be proud
to find a solution to.


We haven’t forgotten that transport involves more than just deliveries made to our depot.
That is why, in addition to upstream transport, we also want to improve our
downstream transport methods. Shipments to stores, retailers and end customers from our e-commerce sites are just some of the factors we need to take into account.
For the moment, postal delivery is the most environmentally friendly option we offer. 

Our long-term vision


This is a subject brands rarely talk about in public! At IZIPIZI, however, transparency is key and we want to let you know what goes on behind closed doors.

Did you know?
At IZIPIZI, we sell our glasses in our own stores, on our e-commerce site and through our retailers.
This means we have various types of customers, our end customers - ie. those wearing our glasses,
and our retailers - ie. our network of trade clients.
They represent a total of over 6,000 stores worldwide! This vast historic sales network requires significant communication tools and generates a large part of our carbon emissions. And it is in precisely this area
that we want to implement targeted actions to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our communication tools

Our communication tools

Our catalogue is the main resource we use to promote our products to our trade clients.

To ally our economic goals and environmental performance, we have designed and implemented various actions. We are proud to have reduced our catalogue print run by 30% in just two years and to ensure it is produced in France, using vegetable-based inks and paper sourced from sustainably managed forests. 

We hope to extend this approach to all of our printed resources, including our window decals, kakemonos and other signage elements. 

To drastically reduce our use of paper, we have a long-term plan to digitalize as many of our printed resources as possible.

Our sales events and business travel

Sales tours

IZIPIZI is distributed throughout the world
and with faraway retailers come
sales tours to go
and meet them
To limit the impact of our business travel (which represents
8% of our Carbon Audit), we have set up some concrete solutions.

We have decided to reduce the frequency of our visits
and to
favour virtual meetings for maintaining this essential link. 

Video calls are currently all the rage and that will enable us to stay
close, even when far away.  When we do have to travel,
we will opt for
low-carbon transport methods and routes. 

And that’s it! Now you know everything!

Trade shows

In order to promote our brand, present new collections and develop
our network of professional retailers, we often take part in
trade shows,
which contribute to our CO
2eq emissions. It’s difficult to do without these events,
but it is possible to approach them in a different way.


By prioritizing various shows in advance. 
We also do our best to ensure circular management of our stands, reusing elements
from one show to the next and are even working on developing a
virtual showroom!

Our point-of-sale displays

Whether it’s for our IZIPIZI stores or our retailers, we design
our own displays for our glasses.
Today, the raw materials used, transport and end-of-life of these displays
still represents 9% of the emissions in our Carbon Audit. We are doing everything
we can to reduce the impact
these displays have on the environment.
Their eco-design reflects our desire to rationalize our use of materials and create displays that last.
Produced from FSC-certified MDF*, an environmentally certified material produced
with wood from sustainably managed forests. 
Our glasses display racks are produced using injection, to reduce
the production of waste.

Our displays can also be repaired to ensure they last longer, and are transported
100% recyclable packaging. 

And for their end-of-life? From recycling to reusing our displays,
we are studying all options to find the best solution for managing
waste and carbon emissions.

*Medium Density Fibreboard, a composite wood fibre board produced by Forescolor

Our point-of-sale displays


Raising awareness among our partners

Raising awareness among our partners

We know that production methods have the most environmental impact
on a day-to-day basis. 
In fact, according to our Carbon Audit
completed by UTOPIES, 22% of our greenhouse gas emissions
come from the production of our products.

That’s why we have decided to take action and raise awareness among our partners
on the CO2eq emissions linked to their activities. These are the same partners
who bent over backwards to help complete this Carbon Audit exercise with us.

Supporting our partners

We aren’t going to stop at simply raising awareness among our partners
and, to help them reduce their carbon footprint, we will also be there to offer support.
First step: set out our standards for energy savings
in a charter. 
There are many solutions possible. We want to prioritize realistic recommendations
and help our partners put them into action. In addition to our existing partners,
this charter will also serve as a resource for developing future collaborations.
Making sure all of our IZIPIZI partners are working to reduce their carbon footprint
is the first step towards more virtuous production.

Supporting our partners

We are well on our way and will continue to work hard every day to ensure our actions are increasingly virtuous.

We’ll be back in the spring to tell you about the other actions we have put in place,
including our actions designed to ensure the durability of our materials.

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