#K Wild Bright

Reading glasses (presbyopia) -Form #K : pilot, with character - Mixed and universal model - Soft touch frame - Storage pouch included in the box.

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Discover ESSENTIA, the Autumn-Winter 2022 collection that immerses you in an unexpected sensory experience. Inspired by the elements that surround us, Essentia revisits the energizing textures of our environment.

Wild Bright Bright and warm redish-brown frames bring out our wild side! This animal print is full of character and offers lots of raw, soft and ardent facets.
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Information and specificities

#K READING - Reading Glasses

Presbyopia is a natural aging phenomenon of the eye that affects people from 40-45 years old. It results in a decrease in visual acuity in near vision especially when there is insufficient light.


Verres loupes
Pour les presbytes, voir de près demande d’abord un effort supplémentaire puis devient peu à peu impossible. Il devient alors nécessaire de porter des lunettes loupes pour la vision de près.

Branches flex
Les branches munies d'une charnière à ressort sont souples et confortables et s'adaptent à toutes les morphologies et tailles de visage.

ESSENTIA - Collection AW22
La collection Automne-Hiver 2022 Essentia vous plonge dans une expérience sensorielle inattendue. Inspirée par les éléments qui nous entourent, Essentia revisite des textures énergisantes de notre environnement.

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Reading glasses - #K READING Wild Bright : reading glasses for presbyopia, pilot shape, character. Unisex, universal model. Original, fashionable design.
High-quality, lightweight, comfortable reading glasses : flexible arms, soft-touch... essential for everyday life.
Give yourself a fashionable edge!


This model complies with the European standards for non-prescription glasses (NF EN 14139) and with the international standards for prescription glasses (IS0 12870).

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